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New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts Prediction: January 24th 2010

New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts
Prediction: New York Jets +8 -110 NFL odds
January 24th 2010
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There are 2 glaring stats that are the foundation of all handicapping rules that I ignored last week that KILLED me last week as I took the Chargers over the Jets and got beat by the Books.

The Jets have the better running game (#1 in the NFL) and the better defense (#1 in the NFL), with two shutdown corners and a blitz happy scheme devised by head coach Ryan that is crushing teams on the road in the playoffs. They are ramming it down people throats running it.
You never go against a team, in the playoffs, with the better run game, and better defense, EVER! While on the surface it looks to be a Colts blowout with Peyton Manning as triggerman at home for the Colts, and his counterpart a rookie QB who has looked deplorable at times this year, STILL this line gives me great pause.

Yes the Colts lost at home to the Jets this year, but ONLY after they benched their starters with a 15-10 lead, only to see it disappear and lose out to the Jets, and halt their undefeated streak. So many people figure turnabout is fair play as Manning and company look for revenge at home with the Super Bowl on the line, in what should be a dominating game by a very good team at home this Sunday, some think the Colts will strugge to break a sweat. NO SO FAST FOLKS!

The last 3 games the Colts have averaged 14 ppg on offense, the Jets 26. The last 3 games the Colts have allowed 20 ppg and the Jets 9. The Jets allow less points on the road on defense for the season than the Colts do at home.

Yes Dwight Freeney and company will stack 8 in the box and force young QB Sanchez to throw it, but who is to say that stacking 8 in the box is going to stop the Jets running game? The Colts cannot run it, and while Manning is an expert at beating the blitz, the bottom line is, in a lower scoring game, against capable team like the Jets with some serious credintials to their credit, and nothing to lose attitude, 8 points is a TON of points to win by. The Jets did not get here, nor any team in the NFL get to a championship game by accident. This will not come easy in my opinion, and remember the Ravens, who are average at best across the board, completely shut fdown the Colts in their own house last week.

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